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Residential real estate is the largest component of the city and the largest expense for the French, and it is also our primary business. We make the ecological transition concrete and operational, adding value to the city by creating more comfortable, more intelligent and increasingly economical housing. The challenges of production quality include those of the environmental sustainability of our structures.


Key figures

32% share of renewable energies in energy consumption set in the European objectives for 2030 (source : Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion)

60% of French people will live in collective housing in 2050 (source : National Council for Ecological Transition)

2/3 of greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector come from the private residential sector (source : High Council for Climate Report)

Our actions

Comfort and well-being of residents

personalization, innovation, digitalization, service, openness to nature, air quality

The right residential path for everyone

A commitment to the energy transition of cities and the preservation of biodiversity

Speech by an expert

"Helping to design and redesign cities is more than just a job for us. It's a passion that drives us to go the extra mile to design projects that are in tune with our lifestyles, that promote living well and living well together."

Our way of doing things

We stand for quality for all.

  • Consultation and listening to the inhabitants

    Public meetings, education and participatory tools

  • Partnerships adapted to changing needs

    Every day, we bet on collective intelligence and the alchemy of our expertise

  • A long-term commitment

    Architectural quality, reliable operators, solid investors

Meeting with our team

Nicolas Moulin

Residential property

Why is residential the primary lever for social engagement?

Too often, housing is seen as a financial product, when it should be first and foremost a basic need. By its very nature, housing is an essential need that occupies a central place in an individual’s life, with direct implications for health, social and family relationships, personal and even professional development. The lack of housing, poor living conditions at home, or the financial burden of finding housing contributes more than anything else to the widening of inequalities and the marginalization of vulnerable groups.

What is Kaufman & Broad’s response to the housing crisis that France has been experiencing for several decades?

We design innovative housing, both individual and collective, that is accessible and integrated into its environment, to provide everyone with comfortable and sustainable quality housing. These two aspects are inextricably linked. Our latest study, carried out after the so-called “Covid “period, confirms this desire for healthier housing and the search for an optimum between the quality of life it offers and its sustainability for the planet.

“Our latest study, carried out after the so-called ’Covid’ period, confirms this desire for healthier housing and the search for an optimum between the quality of life it offers and its sustainability for the planet.”

What will the Kaufman & Broad residence of tomorrow look like?

To provide quality housing for all, we look at housing through the prism of user needs. And there are many! We innovate in all aspects of housing: personalization and expandability of private spaces, conviviality and sharing of common spaces, digitalization, home automation and service applications… We work every day to adapt our homes to these new uses. To do this, our innovation method is very concrete: we have innovation managers in each team, in each agency. And all of our production is subject to joint reflection in terms of innovative contribution and environmental requirements.

If quality and sustainability go hand in hand, how do you design an environmentally friendly program?

We choose the most relevant designs and construction methods, including the use of low-carbon, recycled and/or bio-sourced materials and renewable energy production solutions. Our constant monitoring of innovations in construction, energy, mobility and new urban uses allows us to make the best choices among the available solutions.

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Residential property


Kalilog supports local and regional authorities in the development of quality social housing by offering them turnkey solutions.

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Residential property

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