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We have defined three strategic levers to ensure Kaufman & Broad’s long-term growth :

  • A development policy based on the rehabilitation of industrial and service sector brownfields
  • Increasingly integrating social and environmental impact into our projects, with a CSR approach that is integrated into the project production cycle and assessed annually by independent organizations. Kaufman & Broad is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreements
  • The creation of a portfolio of managed student and senior residences owned and operated by the company


  • 2023 - Result for the first nine months of fiscal year

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  • 2023 - Results for the first nine months of fiscal year

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  • 2023 - Results 1st half 2023 and outlook

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  • 2023 - Universal Registration Document

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  • 2024 - Half-Year Financial Report

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CSR : our performance under
the microscope of the financial market

As a publicly traded company, and therefore subject to a permanent duty of transparency, the Kaufman & Broad Group has had its performance in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility assessed by four recognized rating agencies since 2017. These market indicators, to which we pay particular attention, enable us to monitor the improvement in the results of our actions and to be more efficient and responsible year after year.

Financial structure at the end of 2023

1 409,1M€ Total revenues

109,3M€ Current Operating Income

80,8M€ Working capital requirement

60,2M€ Group net income

2,40€ per share Dividend

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