Act for people

We design buildings
for the people
who will live in them

Responsibility is first and foremost the requirement to act in favor of women and men and their environment. Building right means designing the right programs, in the right places, at the right time to meet the needs of everyone over the long term.

The 3 pillars
of K&B social responsibility


41% of reservations in 2023 are means-tested, to promote access to housing for low-income households (32% in 2023)

1=2 1 dwelling built = 2 direct jobs

207 & 145 units under construction or built in senior and student residences, respectively

100% All Kaufman & Broad employees are shareholders of the group and hold 12,06% of the company’s capital in 11/30/23

Labels and Certifications

Our commitment is also the certification of our achievements and our working methods by recognized independent organizations.

Great Place to Work measures the general well-being of employees and establishes a state of the art of HR practices to promote companies “where it is good to work”.

HappyTrainees is a label that allows all companies to know how they are perceived by students: trainees, alternating students and professionalization contracts.

This label rewards the excellence of companies that distinguish themselves by the quality of their management and their performance. Companies are evaluated on the basis of their long-term strategy, their talent management and innovation capacity, their CSR policy, their governance and their financial management.

NF Habitat is the reference certification for housing quality, controlled by an independent organization.

The Haute Qualité Environnementale label recognizes the measures taken to reduce the environmental impact of the construction, management and maintenance of real estate projects.

created in 2009 by IRICE (Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation pour le Climat et l’Écologie), Effinature certification applies to the construction sector, from the building to the city.

Created in 2013, the BiodiverCity® label rates and displays the performance of real estate projects in terms of their consideration of biodiversity.

The Energie Positive et Réduction Carbone label (E+C-) supports the environmental performance and carbon impact reduction of the building over its life cycle.

Breeam is a reference standard in terms of sustainable construction, which allows to value the commitment of property owners on the environmental level.

The BBCA label attests to the exemplary nature of a building in terms of its carbon footprint (construction, operation, storage, circular economy).

Created in the early 2000s, this label allows for the standardization of buildings with a high environmental quality.

For more than 10 years Prestaterre has been certifying the energy, environmental and societal performance of buildings in France.

Promotelec is a 1901 law association of general interest focused on societal issues for comfort in the home : for a safe home, adapted to everyone's needs, economical and respectful of the environment.

The WELL certification promotes buildings that combine Quality of Life at Work and respect for the environment. It has introduced new standards concerning the well-being of employees in companies and guarantees a level of comfort of use (indoor air quality, hygrothermal and acoustic comfort, comfort of natural and artificial lighting, biophilia, etc.).