Act in a transparent and responsible manner

value chain

As part of our sustainable development and responsible investment strategy, we link Kaufman & Broad’s financial performance to its environmental and social impact.

Nordine Hachemi

« Real estate must become a contributor. Customization, local integration and environmental performance over the life cycle of projects is what allows us to put CSR at the heart of our responsible business performance. »

Nordine Hachemi Chairman and Managing Director Kaufman & Broad

Dedicated CSR Governance

To carry out its CSR policy, Kaufman & Broad relies on two bodies responsible for designing and managing its CSR strategy.

Non-financial performance
is as important as financial performance,
and at the service of tomorrow’s uses


CSR : our performance
screened by the financial market

Since 2017, we have had our performance in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibilities assessed by four recognized rating agencies. These market indicators, to which we pay particular attention, enable us to steer the improvement of the results of our actions and to be more efficient and responsible year after year.

Useful documents

  • Universal Registration Document

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  • Responsible Purchasing Charter

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  • Code of ethics

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