In figures

To be at the service
of cities and territories

Building right means combining multiple skills to bring a global vision to your projects and give them shape. We create quality of life for everyone, all together, to meet the needs of each individual and to propose ever more sustainable projects. We place the human being at the heart of the urban environment.


1 409,1 million € in revenues by 2023

94 100 sq.m of offices shops and logistics platforms under development in 2022

700 000 sq.m of reservoirs under study for medium-term rehabilitation

68 600 homes delivered in the last 10 years

Social and Environmental Responsibility

220KGeq. CO₂/m³
Maximum carbon weight of concrete used on our sites, to limit the carbon impact of construction

100% of office projects aim for double or even triple certification (environment, energy, biodiversity, low-carbon)

100% of the projects contain a green outdoor space


Positive change
in the number of trees
on Kaufman & Broad sites
as part of a global reflection
on Biodiversity

Human Resources

100% employee shareholders

701 employees throughout the country

Number of men/women

  • 48%

    MEN IN 2023

  • 52%

    WOMEN IN 2023

Average workforce by region

  • 25,8%


  • 25,3%

    Île-de France

  • 24,0%


  • 17,8%


  • 2,4%


  • 4,5%

    Commercial Property & Real Estate Development

  • 0,2%

    Managed residences (except Neoresid)

Gender Equality Index

Kaufman & Broad obtained a score of 88/100 for fiscal year 2023.

This score illustrates the company’s HR actions on gender equality in the workplace and is in line with our commitments to fight inequality. It is a guarantee of performance both for our employees and for the improvement of our employer brand.