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Creating quality
social housing

The issue of access to housing for all is at the heart of the growth challenges facing local authorities and territories. In order to better support them in their development policies of quality, diversified and affordable social housing, Kalilog offers them turnkey solutions, from the search for land to the delivery of a tailor-made project.

Pictures of the branch’s projects

Quality housing and a city for everyone!

In order to promote social diversity and intergenerational well-being, we create living spaces where conviviality and human values are central: family housing, student residences or residences for young workers, residences or adapted housing for the elderly or disabled, social residences, hostels/guesthouses. Kalilog works for the collective interest by helping people stay in the heart of their community.

Nicolas Moulin

“We want to make housing accessible to all. Kalilog is the preferred partner of local decision makers and social landlords.”

Christophe Esnault Kalilog Operations Director



17 Quai du Président Paul Doumer,
92400 Courbevoie