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At Kaufman & Broad,
we think about others
and the planet

The great societal and environmental challenges, we are in the middle of it! The real estate development sector has plenty of room for improvement and we are well aware of this. That’s why we are devising concrete solutions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while guaranteeing pleasant housing for everyone. By joining Kaufman & Broad, become a responsible player in the transformation of cities and your own development. Welcome on Broad!


81% of our employees say they are proud to work at Kaufman & Broad

3,8/5 rating given by Kaufman & Broad trainees and work-study students to assess their experience within the group

100% of employees are group shareholders

An ambitious Human Resources policy

The Human Resources Department works daily with managers to ensure the well-being of employees and at the service of the company’s performance.

We are a Great Place To Work France !

Kaufman & Broad is a company where life is good and where trust is the basis of relationships. In October 2022, Kaufman & Broad was awarded Great Place to Work® France certification for the first time. This certification recognizes the success of the approach taken over several years to make the Kaufman & Broad Group an “employer of choice” for its employees.

We are a Happy Trainees Index !

At Kaufman & Broad, interns and work-study students are invited to express themselves through the Happy Trainees survey, created by the independent organization ChooseMyCompany. In September 2022, thanks to the high level of participation, Kaufman & Broad was awarded the HappyIndex® Trainees France label. Young people recognize the opportunities for career advancement, the quality of the work environment, management, motivation and the sense of pride in belonging to the organization.

We are a Best Managed Company !

In July 2022, Kaufman & Broad was awarded the Best Managed Companies label by Deloitte. This label recognizes the excellence of companies that stand out for the quality of their management and their performance, following a rigorous and independent selection process. Companies are evaluated on the basis of 4 pillars: strategy, execution and innovation, culture and commitment to employees, and governance structure and financial management.

Grow with us

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    The resources and power of a large group, the attentiveness and agility of a human-sized company

    Our Human Resources teams and our managers work together every day to encourage the emergence and personal and professional development of each individual.

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    The empowerment of each individual

    We deeply believe that the fulfillment of each individual depends on an alignment of values, between the civic responsibility of employees and that of the company. As a guarantee of our total investment in our clients and partners, our employees are now the Group’s largest shareholder.

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    Development opportunities

    Kaufman & Broad’s corporate culture allows employees to express their talents and fully realize their professional goals. Our employees develop their own career paths.

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    Continuous development of potential

    At Kaufman & Broad, training programs are developed and tailored to each business. Throughout a career, personalized training programs are offered in face-to-face or digital formats.


Gender Equality Index

Kaufman & Broad obtained a score of 89/100 for fiscal year 2022.

This score illustrates the company’s HR policy on gender equality in the workplace and is in line with our commitments to fight inequality. It is a guarantee of performance both for our employees and for the improvement of our employer brand.



National power
& local strength

Today, we have nearly 900 employees throughout the country, in 14 regions and 20 cities

Head office

  • Courbevoie


  • Annecy
  • Bayonne
  • Bordeaux
  • Caen
  • Fréjus
  • La Rochelle
  • Lille
  • Lyon
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  • Montpellier
  • Nantes
  • Nice
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