Innovation at the service of CSR

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responsible use!

Responsibility is our lever for innovation and transformation, to continuously improve the social and environmental impact of our achievements, and to stay one step ahead, always focused on the needs of our customers, stakeholders and users.

Kaufman & Broad innovation

Innovation is an opportunity to develop our CSR approach. We are making a difference by creating products and services tailored to the needs of our stakeholders. In this way, we improve our overall performance, as well as our social and environmental performance. To create sustainable value!

The innovation challenges
of Kaufman & Broad projects

  • Mobility

    Develop sustainable complements and alternatives to the use of the individual thermal car.

  • Energy

    Implement low-carbon and renewable energy production solutions in our projects by integrating technical and financial issues.

  • Circular Economy

    Implement low-carbon, bio-sourced and reused building materials in our projects. Reduce waste production throughout the building’s life cycle.

  • Biodiversity

    Seek a positive biodiversity impact in our projects and use design with nature to preserve ecosystems (green frame, water cycle, soil, black frame, etc.).

  • New Uses

    Beyond square meters, ensure our role as a real estate creator by developing the use value and services in K&B projects.

  • Digitization of businesses

    Our businesses are changing fast. The ability to adopt new digital tools and solutions contributes to our competence and productivity.


Press release

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Paris Ile de France entrusts Osae Partners and Kaufman & Broad with its headquarters in the 8th arrondissement


Our residence « Le Pavillon Jaurès » certified by the Charter of the City of Saint Priest (69)


Kaufman & Broad sets the 1st beam of the Silva Tower in Bordeaux for the Woodrise Congress


We develop innovative business models
to provide solutions
to sustainable city issues.

Managed residences


Neoresid is a leading student housing manager with 13 residences in France. The brand offers practical and safe accommodation solutions to meet the needs of students, trainees and mobile workers throughout France.

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Concerto is one of the leading logistics engineering companies in France. It designs tailor-made projects to meet the new technical challenges of all promotional and distribution activities.

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Major urban projects

Aménagement & Territoires

Aménagement & Territoires is Kaufman & Broad’s subsidiary serving local authorities in their development, transformation and construction projects.

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