Our logistics engineering
strengthens the attractiveness
of territories

With Concerto, we combine real estate and logistics engineering. Our ambition is to play a major role in the deployment of a more virtuous logistics system that responds to the considerable increase in flows in city centers, generated in particular by the rise of e-commerce.


Key figures

x4 storage space requirements due to the growth of e-commerce (SOURCE : LSA CONSO)

41,8 million French people buy on the Internet (source : fevad - Federation of e-commerce and distance selling)

1/4 of CO2 emissions and 1/3 of nitrogen oxide emissions are linked to freight flows (SOURCE : ADEME - ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION AGENCY)

Our actions

Optimization of flows and limited land artificialization

Tailor-made solutions, from the first to the last mile

Locations closer to urban centers

the right property in the right place

Speech by an expert

"Responding to the new technical challenges of logistics is what drives us every day. Faced with the challenges of industry and distribution, but also those of the territories in the management of flows, we provide tailor-made solutions, from the first to the last kilometer."

Our way of doing things

Serving the attractiveness of territories

  • The implementation of the most advanced technical solutions on strategic sites that enable multimodal supply

    (vertical storage, automation, cold chain, etc.); also contributing to the development of urban logistics hotel solutions on limited land areas

  • The creation of evolving business parks to guarantee attractiveness in the long term

    and mixing of logistics zones and business zones adapted to the needs of local SMEs and craftsmen

  • Strict requirements regarding environmental labels

    integration into the landscape and the development of roofs and photovoltaic shades

Meeting with our team

Nicolas Moulin


What structural changes are the logistics sector facing?

Since 2012, the number of parcels delivered has doubled, raising many questions about traffic congestion and urban pollution, as well as the need to optimize the various logistics processes. Last mile logistics, the final step in the delivery of parcels to the customer’s home or to a collection point, has become particularly important due to the difficulty of accessing urban centers. Tomorrow’s logistics must provide innovative and sustainable solutions to these problems.

What are the major challenges in logistics today?

The first is economic: the logistics chain, especially in the city, must be efficient to increase the economic competitiveness of companies, especially in the retail sector. The second is urban: efficient logistics requires platforms close to city centers and facilities that facilitate urban deliveries. The third challenge is environmental, as the increase in truck deliveries significantly increases greenhouse gas emissions.

“Logistics must meet a threefold challenge: economic, urban and environmental.”

What are Kaufman & Broad’s contributions in this context?

Today, the logistics market is facing two major issues. On the one hand, the exponential growth of e-commerce is driving the need to move closer to urban centers. On the other hand, the scarcity of land limits the possibilities for setting up operations. By combining logistics engineering and real estate, Concerto is proving to be a valuable partner for manufacturers and regions, both on the outskirts and in the heart of the city. Concerto also benefits from recognized technical expertise in various areas such as cold chain management and the protection of sensitive materials.

How can we concretely develop a more virtuous logistics?

The carbon impact of logistics is still significant today. By proposing the best technological solutions (automation, vertical storage, etc.) and choosing strategic locations that allow multimodal supply, we work to optimize flows and limit the artificialization of land. Integration into the landscape, the development of roofs and photovoltaic shades, compliance with environmental labels, etc. are constant features of each of our projects.

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Concerto is one of the leading logistics engineering companies in France. It designs tailor-made projects to meet the new technical challenges of all promotional and distribution activities.

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