Endowment funds

We do not limit
our commitment
to our operations

In addition to our social and environmental approach, we have a strong social commitment that we express through our corporate sponsorship policy and our Kaufman & Broad Endowment Fund.

What is an endowment fund?

It is a non-profit organization created to support our corporate philanthropy policy and to enable us to finance our charitable initiatives and carry out missions in the public interest, and to offer you the opportunity to take part. This endowment fund also represents the commitment of all employees, Kaufman & Broad’s largest shareholder. A commitment guided by the values of responsibility, sharing and solidarity.

Pass on.

Through all of our businesses, we work every day to transform the areas in which we operate to make them more inclusive and sustainable. In order to go beyond our business and our activities, the Kaufman & Broad Endowment Fund has chosen to commit to quality of life and education. The mission of the Kaufman & Broad Endowment Fund is to help women, men and children build a future for themselves through access to education and knowledge, health, sports, the arts and culture. These convictions and values guide the actions of the Kaufman & Broad Endowment Fund in supporting each project.

Flagship partnerships
for education and children.

In 2021, the group choose to support Helen Keller International, a humanitarian organization whose mission is to combat the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrition in children by creating quality programs based on experience and research.

Kaufman & Broad also works with the l’école à l’hôpital association, which offers thousands of young patients between the ages of 5 and 25 the opportunity to continue their education in the hospital or at home. Qualified volunteer teachers offer free individual classes in more than 40 hospitals in and around Paris.

Thinking about the city differently.

The real estate industry is facing considerable economic, technological, environmental, demographic and societal changes. The city is changing, and with it, construction methods. To find relevant answers to the new challenges it poses, players in the sector have created the Palladio Foundation, under the patronage of the Fondation de France. This think tank has one objective: to invent the city of tomorrow. Kaufman & Broad is a founding member and sponsor of the Palladio Foundation.