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As a developer and partner of local authorities, we develop neighborhoods with an acute awareness of the climatic and social challenges facing urban areas. All of our projects work towards virtuous urban development, a vector of ecological transition, regenerating territories and creating social cohesion.

Pictures of the branch’s projects

Fighting climate change and strengthening social ties

To meet this challenge, urban development is a major lever for ecological transition and territorial revitalization. In 2020, we created Aménagement & Territoires, a subsidiary dedicated to supporting local authorities and regional players in their development projects. This team is particularly involved in the revitalization of city centers, urban renewal, and the transformation of brownfields into new districts that reconcile the living environment of residents, future users, and the environment.

Nicolas Moulin

« We develop the city with the duty to make it more virtuous and therefore more resilient, more inclusive, more desirable; to combine human well-being with the preservation of the environment, to respect the heritage while co-constructing sustainable and innovative projects alongside local authorities. »

Vincent Drouet General Manager of Aménagement & Territoires


& Territoires

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