Managed residences

We imagine
new ways
of living in the city

Designing the mix of generations, facilitating the arrival of new populations, creating services and mobility axes that favor the local economy are essential factors that accelerate the attractiveness and economic dynamism of cities. We work with them to set up project teams that provide concrete solutions and enrich the residential paths that cities can offer their citizens.


Key figures

42% of the French population will be over 60 by 2060 (source: INSEE)

2,9 million students in 2025, compared to 2.5 million today (source : Ministry of Higher Education and Research)

2/3 of senior citizens living alone in housing built before 1970 (risk of energy insecurity) (source: INSEE)

Our actions

Diversification of housing to provide sustainable responses to new needs

Aging of the population, household breaking apart, mobility of students and workers, new work methods

We are investors and operators of our residences for the long term

Programming adjusted to local needs and perfectly integrated into the urban environment

Our serviced residences have all the attributes of a classic residential home

Speech by an expert

"Our experience with senior citizens has strengthened our commitment to this alliance with Kaufman & Broad, which promotes active aging while helping to maintain social ties. Cosy Diem is neither a retirement home nor an EPHAD. Cosy Diem provides a different response in favor of aging well in good physical and cognitive health."
President of the Serenis Network of Geriatric Clinics and President of Cosy Diem

Our way of doing things

Imagining new ways of living in the city.

  • A reflection with the elected officials on the projects that the territories need

  • Direct and indirect job creation and development of local skills

    1 residence managed = 15 direct jobs

  • Partnerships between managers and investors to design sustainable projects

    and we retain some of the residences we operate

Meeting with

Nicolas Moulin

Paul Gémar
President of the Serenis Network of Geriatric Clinics and President of Cosy Diem

Can you describe in a few words the demographic shift we are experiencing today?

We are facing an unprecedented demographic evolution. According to INSEE, France will have more than 68 million inhabitants in 2070, 57% of whom will be aged 65 and over. Obviously, this demographic evolution represents a fundamental challenge at the human level and for society as a whole, through sectors such as personal assistance, home help, transportation, security, leisure and, of course, housing.

In your opinion, what will be the consequences of this evolution on the habitat and its uses?

“Aging well” is a real challenge for society, and the choice of where seniors live is a key element. Among housing solutions, assisted living facilities provide “turnkey” answers to seniors’ aspirations. The vast majority of seniors want to age at home, independently, in an adapted and safe home, while maintaining social connections and conviviality.

“ By moving closer to the heart of cities, seniors can participate in the economic life and have access to the full range of daily services and local shops.”

How do you imagine the ideal senior residence?

First, isolation is a major factor in the loss of autonomy. By moving closer to the center of the city, seniors can participate in the economic life and have access to all the daily services and local shops. They participate in the life of the neighborhood, going out every day, even if they no longer drive.

What are the specificities of the residential services developed by Cosy Diem?

We believe there are several ways to look at a retirement community. Cosy Diem residences are primarily designed for people who are frail or losing their independence and need solutions to delay or even avoid dependency. The residences we design are the result of Kaufman & Broad’s expertise. We identify prime locations to build quality properties. We provide a full range of services and support to delay the physical and cognitive effects of aging.

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Managed residences

Cosy Diem

Aging well is one of the major challenges of the coming decades. In this context, Kaufman & Broad and Serenis have created Cosy Diem to offer seniors an innovative housing concept.

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Managed residences


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