An offer adapted to today's seniors to promote "living together"

Maison Cosy Diem

This project of 100 housing units, with an innovative housing concept dedicated to the new generation of seniors, favoring their independence and autonomy, Kaufman & Broad confirms its desire to build residences dedicated to "ageing well".

Rehabilitate an urban wasteland in the heart of the city

Narbonne is a city where nearly one in three people is over 60 *. On the site of a former clinic, in the most popular district of the city, Kaufman & Broad saw it the ideal address to develop a senior residence. Centrality, market making and the charm of the Robine channel are all arguments in favour of ‘ageing well,’ the founding concept of Cosy Diem, a brand of senior residences founded by Kaufman & Broad and the Serenis group in 2016. As for the city, it can thus expand its residential offer for seniors by more than 100 housing units and see life resume on this inanimate site and abandoned for several years.

Respecting the history of the place

The address houses one of the most beautiful private hotels in the docks. The project is lagging behind the roads, without altering the front built on the canal side. Close collaboration with the municipal services and building architects in France has led to the project being fully integrated into its environment.

Strengthen the animation and commercial fabric of the district

Instead of untapped wasteland and a source of nuisance, the Maison Cosy Diem provides solutions to around a hundred seniors who are anxious to age under the best conditions. These residents help to boost neighbourhood life by consuming locally and creating jobs in the services and health sectors. In addition, the restaurant of the residence is open to all, inviting residents to participate in the animation of the place… And to enjoy a good table supplied with local products.

* Insee 2017

Architect: Christian DUGELAY (Agence APC)