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Revitalise the historic centre of Brive la Gaillarde through the rehabilitation of the barracks

Caserne Brune


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In the heart of Brive-la-Gaillarde, the former military barracks known as the Caserne Brune represent a jewel of land covering several hectares, the redevelopment of which is an integral part of the revitalisation of the town centre of the Corrèze prefecture. The project, led by KALILOG, a subsidiary of Kaufman & Broad, has been designed to meet the needs of the town and its residents, and to turn the Place d'Armes into an emblematic new place to live.

Caserne Brune, an emblematic nineteenth century building

A former military garrison, the Caserne Brune is located in the town centre, just a stone’s throw from the former fortified area that has become the pedestrian heart of Brive-la-Gaillarde. This exemplary address, less than 1 km from both the station and the town hall, calls for a strong urban project to open up this space to the town and its residents.

Disused for fifteen years, the Caserne Brune offers an unprecedented land reserve, and was the subject of a call for projects by the Brive-La-Gaillarde SPL (Société Publique Locale) in March 2021. In the centre, the Grande Caserne, with its U-shaped layout enclosing the Place d’Armes on three sides, will be the first building to undergo major renovation.

By combining preservation of classified facades and creation of housing and services that meet the highest standards of demand, KALILOG has built a project similar to the city and its ambitions. In addition to an independent residence with the associated services, social housing will complete this first phase of rehabilitation.

Create loggias by maintaining a classified facade

Rigour and majesty were the watchwords when the barracks were built in 1875. At the time, this garrison site was entirely enclosed by a perimeter wall, and the barracks were cut off from the rest of the town. Today, these walls have come down, opening up the barracks to the Place d’Armes and its water mirror, surrounded by soothing vegetation. The challenge of the project is to preserve the nobility of the historic architecture, while making it welcoming and suitable for new uses.

The MR3A Architect, in close collaboration with KALILOG, Polygone (investor and lessor) and Edenis (operator of residence autonomy), has thus imagined an interior rehabilitation, in particular by creating loggias behind the historical facades, to bring up new outdoor spaces without distorting the building. The entire project was the subject of ongoing discussions with the City Services and the Architects of the French Buildings to respect the city’s heritage.

Open residences on the city

Having identified the town’s multiple housing needs, the KALILOG teams initially designed the project to accommodate the residents of two former retirement homes managed by the CCAS, and then to offer 28 affordable housing units for Brivois families. The project includes 95 independent living units with associated services, offering 900 m² of service areas, as well as social housing buildings. In order to open up the residence to the town and encourage intergenerational exchanges, certain services such as the sports hall and restaurant will be open to the public. These services will complement the presence of offices around Place d’Armes, turning this former military site into a new place to live and meet people.

A rehabilitation classified RT 2012 – 10% certified NF Habitat

The rehabilitation of the barracks makes it possible to restructure certain openings to increase the brightness and ventilation of the homes. The interior structure of the barracks (floors, partitions, etc.) is completely rebuilt, adopting innovative constructive modes, with enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation and the choice of low carbon materials. The connection to the city’s heating network guarantees the building’s energy performance, at no additional cost.

The renovation of the main building is accompanied by the creation of three new extensions, designed to dialogue with the former barracks without distorting the overall aesthetics.

The exterior spaces of the project are also subject to enhanced care. The creation of many green spaces on the ground desimpermeabilites the soils, and creates a island of freshness for residents and local residents. The transformation of the Place d’Armes thus revitalises the heart of the city.

A 4 year project

  • February 2020 : Brive la Gaillarde call for projects
  • June 2021 : KALILOG wins call for projects
  • November 2023 : Commencement of work
  • November 2025 : Delivery of the Residence Autonomy
  • November 2025 : Delivery of new social housing

The rehabilitation of Caserne Brune meets both the needs of the population and the ambitions of a city committed to greater well being and respect for the environment. The reinvigoration of this district is in line with history, bringing more sharing and life to the heart of the city.