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For LIDL, Kaufman & Broad designs an exemplary logistics platform

LIDL logistics platform


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"This is an exceptional project in terms of its technical nature, the quality of its execution and the quality of our collaboration with LIDL, which benefits all parties involved. - Jean-Paul Rival, Managing Director of Concerto

A new-generation warehouse in a strategic location

Located to the north of Marseille, the land identified by Concerto, a subsidiary of Kaufman & Broad specialising in logistics property, quickly attracted the interest of the German food retail giant. The 43,000 m2 of space created will join the LIDL platform in Lunel, Hérault, to complete the range of services offered by LIDL in the region.

In addition to its economic importance, this new warehouse offers innovative and effective solutions for reducing environmental impact in collaboration with LIDL, such as the choice of R290 gas as a refrigerant, photovoltaic roofing and parking for light vehicles, rainwater recycling and, above all, reinforced building insulation.

Specialising in fresh storage, this state-of-the-art platform will serve 65 regional shops and act as a Fruit & Vegetables hub. The project, which quickly won over the town of Beaucaire and the Communauté de Communes Beaucaire Terre d’Argence (CCBTA), will generate more than 120 new local jobs.

Futuristic lines and technical prowess

Developed hand in hand with Lidl, this project is a tailor made response to their logistics needs. With unprecedented complexity, the project posed several technical challenges during its completion.

The total surface area of 43,000 sq.m. is divided into 7 cells : 3 cells for Fruit & Vegetables at a temperature controlled from 10° C to 14° C, 1 cell for fresh produce, from 0° C to 2° C, 2 frozen cells at -28° C, and 1 cell at room temperature, making it possible to optimise waste management and recycling for all regional stores. To supply these chilled cells, multiple cold groups were installed, especially on the roof, thanks to the on site intervention of a huge mobile crane of 700 t.

The site’s design challenges also include the installation of two separate office premises to accommodate two independent operators. This special feature led to the creation of a monumental bridge overlooking the docking area without interfering with truck flows.

A forward thinking and eco responsible logistics building

The Beaucaire warehouse was designed to rim logistics warehouse and energy performance. In this sunny town of the Gard, the installation of photovoltaic panels on all roofs and car parks allows the site to move towards energyautonomy.

The recovery of rainwater supplies some of the toilets. On the outdoor side, flowering meadows and hedgerows are made up of native species, able to develop even in arid climate, and watered by drip, which reduces water expenditure while creating an ecological corridor and fighting against soil impermeability.

Lighting was also subject to increased care. The use of LEDs with presence detectors optimises the use of artificial light while the twilight mode, which activates in the evening, decreases the power of night lighting and related nuisance. The energy intensive boilers have been replaced by Rooftops that can be powered by photovoltaic panels. Heat pumps, which are much more economical, complete the device. The photovoltaic panels installed on roofs and parking shades have a power of more than 3 megawatt peak, generating up to 4,500 MWh *, representing the consumption of approximately 2,000 single family homes. Finally, refrigeration facilities operate with low global warming potential ,which once again helps to limit the environmental impact while providing Lidl with one of its most efficient fresh warehouses.

The distribution centre will receive the BREEAM VERY GOOD international label, which rewards environmentally friendly logistics sites. Architecturally, the warehouse displays futuristic lines, with its roofed blade facades reminiscent of the colours of the vine and the wine history of the region.

* In France, the MWh/MWp yield is estimated at between 800 in the Hauts de France and 1500 in the most sunny municipalities.


Four years of a non standard project

  • January 2018: Concerto identifies the potential of the Beaucaire site
  • March 2018: Signature of a land promise with the Beaucaire Terre d’Agence Community of Communes (CCBTA)
  • February 2019: Submission of applications for PC and ICPE authorisations
  • November 2019: Start of discussions with Lidl
  • May 2020: Letter of Intention from Lidl
  • November 2020: Purchase of warehouse by Lidl
  • November 2020: Purchase of land at CCBTA
  • December 2020: Presentation of the project to the Mayor of Beaucaire
  • February 2021: Start of work
  • October 2022: Delivery of the Distribution Centre

Avant garde, the Beaucaire platform offers good environmental performance thanks to its exceptional solar power generation capacities and enables an exemplary response to the contemporary challenges of managing logistics flows and reducing the carbon impact of commercial real estate.