Villepreux / 78

Feel Wood, wooden housing with positive energy, facing the Palace of Versailles

Feel Wood


c'est agir.

“With this ambitious project, we are proud to contribute to research and assert our expertise in the field of wood construction. The award of the 2017 BEPOS Effinergie Label, specializing in positive energy buildings, rewards our efforts and paves the way for an ever more responsible future.” Emmanuelle Gonzalez, Essonne Agency Director

An exceptional site facing the Palace of  Versailles

25 km from Paris and 12 km from Versailles, Villepreux is part of the innovation territory of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Driven by rapid growth, this agglomeration is now the second largest economic hub in western Paris and actively participates in the international influence of Paris Saclay, labeled Operation of National Interest in 2014. Its specialties: high technology, engineering and automotive.

To meet the challenge of such a development, we have developed a large-scale urban complex housing 950 apartments and houses with very low environmental impact. Directly opposite the plain of Versailles, the project is subject to the requirements of classified site to protect the perspective of the Palace of Versailles to infinity and the large park of hunts of Louis XIV.

Anchored in an invaluable heritage, focused on a respectful and innovative future, our operation gives birth to the idea of creating a life-size laboratory to build the housing of tomorrow. The constraints of the classified site and those of the PLU have become a lever of creativity and innovation, giving rise to an interior concrete structure with self-supporting wooden facades.

A synergy of experts at the service of Feel Wood

Responding to the challenges of this ambitious project by its scope and requirements was a real challenge for the teams, who had to work closely together. Mobilized in working groups, the technical, architecture, innovation and program departments combined their talents, before opening up to many external partners, including experts in wood construction.

Other partnerships have made it possible to include reflection in a global approach, beyond the issues related to the design of buildings. EDF’s expertise has facilitated the installation of photovoltaic panels drastically reducing the energy consumption of homes. The association with Renault has paved the way for electric cars by offering a mobility pack dedicated to residents and by multiplying charging stations on the site.

Today we are proud to present a project that meets our expectations, which allowed us to test innovative solutions and deepen our knowledge in the field of wood construction.

The revolution of a positive energy residence

From lighting to insulation, Feel Wood, the last part of this urban complex and designed by architect Hugues Tellier, has been designed in every detail to optimize natural resources and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to have obtained the BEPOS EFFINERGIE 2017 label, which rewards positive energy buildings.

In terms of insulation, the exceptional performance is reinforced by the addition of modular shutters automatically according to the sunshine. This unique solution reduces energy consumption for heating and promotes summer comfort.

Installed on roofs, photovoltaic panels provide the energy needed to power the heat pump that produces collective hot water, collective VMC and permanent parking lot lighting. The common areas are also lit naturally, as are the stairs, whose warm atmosphere encourages users to prefer their use to that of the elevator.

The entire project was designed to optimize resources, from design to use. In homes, «natural» paints, without toxic products, carpentry and wooden floors reduce the carbon impact. Throughout the site, a compost system makes it possible to recover organic waste and limit the volume of household waste to be collected.

An agile agenda bringing together all experts

  • 2017: Building permit for the urban complex GREEN LODGE 2
  • 2018: Establishment of 3 think tanks for FEEL WOOD
  • May 2019: FEEL WOOD commercial opening
  • January 2020: Start of FEEL WOOD work (excluding VRD work already carried out)
  • March 2021: FEEL WOOD House Delivery
  • December 2021: Delivery of the FEEL WOOD apartments


Between the plain of Versailles and the Plateau de Saclay, Feel Wood makes itself the melting pot of prestigious influences, valuing knowledge and resources to reinvent the habitat and offer Villeosians a better quality of life. The project is one of the first positive energy buildings we deliver and paves the way for projects that are focused on ever more wellbeing and respect for the planet.