Create the setting for
an emblematic monument

Cour du Dôme

Just a 15-minute walk from the Capitole, on the left bank of the Garonne, Kaufman & Broad has designed an exceptional residential project. Located a few steps from the Dôme de la Grave and the Raymond VI garden, the development will be bordered by a new pedestrian mall.

Rethinking the relationship between the city and one of its monuments

For more than 10 years, Toulouse has been working to magnify its historical and architectural heritage in the heart of the city, notably under the impetus of Toulouse Métropole and the urban planner Joan Busquets, preparing its candidacy for Unesco World Heritage status.

Saint Cyprien is an old suburb of Toulouse that enjoys a popular, cosmopolitan, lively and friendly reputation. The district, located on the left bank of the Garonne, is famous for housing the Dôme de la Grave. This monument is often depicted on Toulouse postcards and is a true emblem of the Pink City, as well known as the Capitol and its square.

Supported by Toulouse Métropole, the site is part of the urban and landscape redevelopment of a vast sector, which extends from the Abattoirs to the Prairie des Filtres.

Create a neighborhood life for the residents

At the same time as promoting the cultural heritage, the City Council wanted to open up this area, where hospital buildings had proliferated over the years without any real connection to the city.

A true architectural landmark in the Saint-Cyprien district, the residence features majestic facades. They will be bordered by a wide pedestrian mall allowing direct access to the Raymond VI garden, passing through the medieval rampart.

The two- and three-room apartments all have outdoor spaces, including large penthouse terraces with unobstructed views of the Raymond VI garden or the Dôme de la Grave. Some duplex apartments have majestic double-height living rooms illuminated by bay windows. Architect Pierre-Louis Taillandier has created four buildings and new luxury apartments, some of which open onto generous terraces offering exceptional views of the Garonne and the entire historic center of Toulouse.

Inserting the modern into a historical setting

The design of this operation allows citizens to reappropriate the history of the city, to be able to contemplate it. It proposes urban continuities with the present. A dialogue is established between contemporary and historical architecture so that they can be revealed with authenticity, thanks in particular to the use of high-quality materials that are emblematic of the Pink City: brick, stone and polished concrete.

“It is up to us to bring out not only spaces or objects but human environments in connection with their past, in touch with their present.”