DIJON / 21

Preserve the history of a place to sublimate the future

Halle 12

Dijon is a city of art and history and thanks to a rich past, that offers to the inhabitants a good quality of life and a preserved environment. If the "Halle 12" real estate project was established in Dijon, it is not by default.

Value the historical heritage…

A former military wasteland of 2.8 hectares in the heart of the city, the Heudelet eco neighbourhood is one of the most emblematic in Dijon. A place full of history since it housed the 26th regiment of dragons, the Heudelet 26 eco district will become a modern and innovative neighborhood welcoming 300 housing units, 10,000 sq.m of offices, shops and cultural facilities. The Halle 12 project, led by Kaufman & Broad, reflects the dual identity of the place. This hall, which was used for the storage and maintenance of military tanks, will retain its industrial attributes while transforming itself into a contemporary residence.

A delicate renovation for an original architecture

To preserve the existing stone facades, the technical challenge was to build a supporting structure inside, allowing us to guarantee their stability. Thus, the historic hall is preserved as a decorative surface, leaving total freedom to think about interior volumes. Particular attention has been paid to the roof, which alternates the voids and the full and welcomes an Attic offering outdoor terraces.

Architect: AGVA