Saint-Jean-de-Védas / 34

Green living,
with the added bonus
of soft mobility

Côté village

Recreate a village life for the new inhabitants, with local shops, offices and services, a square, a playground, a micro day care, a school… Everything within reach to lead a serene (and sustainable!) life between hills, vineyards and beaches.

To be part of a sustainable eco-neighborhood and create a “piece” of Languedoc village…

Imagine a unique setting, close to everything and far from the urban agitation… This is the promise of the pretty town of Saint-Jean-De-Védas and its Roque Fraïsse district, just 15 minutes from Montpellier.

The Roque Fraïsse eco-neighborhood is developed in the spirit of a small Languedoc village reinvented. Its contemporary architecture reinterprets the village habitat open to the outside. It also asserts a strong identity with a play of volumes and generous and original geometric forms. The effect of leveling and contrast in the facade is accentuated by the choice of materials and colors. In this carefully designed environment, the heart of the block, private and communal gardens and a small square coexist in the purest spirit of village life.

… to better encourage its inhabitants to change their lifestyle

In addition to a contemporary architecture integrating the codes of the village identity and the values of “living well together”, the residence invites the future residents to a new lifestyle around the notions of space, sharing and soft mobility.

Numerous green spaces (47% of the total surface area) encourage people to take advantage of outdoor spaces and to indulge in the pleasures of gardening. Loggias, balconies, open-air terraces on the top floor and private gardens on the first floor allow residents to enjoy the view of the landscaped environment, the central square or the pedestrian walkways … to live in tune with the seasons and the life of the neighborhood.

SERM, the Métropole’s developer, plans to build approximately 1,750 housing units in Saint-Jean-De-Védas, as well as shops, services, offices and public facilities, including a school and a swimming pool. Kaufman & Broad has been awarded the contract to build 44 apartments, including seven affordable housing units.

“We studied with Kaufman & Broad the economic and technical feasibility of the project, including the choice of bicycle and the location of the ‘bike station’.”

The founders of M’Vélo, Audrey and Jean-Sébastien Fabien, were involved from the design phase, to imagine a place adapted to sustainable transportation. “Now, we take care of the daily management of the self-service via an IT platform and field maintenance.”