Bringing the seaside resort into a new dimension


Iconic is a vast real estate program that extends over 10 hectares and completely transforms the emblematic resort of the 70s by providing it with an architectural work of exceptional quality.

Transform the Cap d’Agde entrance into the heart of the city

Created 50 years ago by Mission Racine, Cap d’Agde is now the first seaside resort in Europe. Engaged in a vast development project, the city wanted not only to adapt to new tourist clientele with high end services and equipment but also to respond to the demographic realities that saw Cap d’Agde become a residential place during the year. On a site of 2 hectares on the edge of the Centre Port, the iconic project will create a heart of expanded station, heavily landscaped.

An innovative and connected project

Iconic by its architectural quality, the ensemble is also exemplary in terms of sustainable development, particularly thanks to its marine geothermal system. This system, which generates heating and cooling, has a pilot vocation to be duplicated in other coastal cities and around the world. It will be coupled with digital solutions enabling residents to use this renewable energy in an eco responsible way.

An architectural work to extend the port

Signed by world renowned architect Jean Michel Wilmotte, iconic reinvents the city’s identity with its bold lines inspired by the marina curves. The structuring equipment is put in synergy with each other, hence the choice of bringing together in the same place the new Palais des Congrès, the Casino, a Maison des Services Publics, a new tourist residence and a commercial mail, connecting the whole with the marina, giving the latter a new dynamism.

The project in figures

    • A new life and leisure centre of 10 hectares
    • A real estate programme of 25,000 sq.m.
    • 230 housing units
    • 2,777 sq.m. of retail and services
    • 1 tourist residence of 105 apartments
    • 1 senior residence Cosy Diem of 95 apartments

Jean Michel Wilmotte, Architect