Kaufman & Broad participated in SIBCA, the key event for low carbon real estate players

Expertise • 26 September 2023

From 20 to 22 September, Kaufman & Broad teams were present at SIBCA (low carbon real estate fair), held at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris, to share their vision of the city of tomorrow.

Listening to the regions to support them in their project

Alongside the major players in low carbon real estate, Kaufman & Broad experts were attentive to the expectations of the territories to support them in the development of sustainable construction for our cities. We are committed to implementing innovative projects and decarbonising our practises to create more virtuous cities.

3 days punctuated by:

  • The presence of our Booster Innovation to source new techniques and innovative processes, challenge our practises and improve the performance of our designs and continue to decarbonise our way of buildi
  • ng
  • A conference led by Bertrand Eyraud, our CSR & Innovation Director, together with our partners, Clem, Eon and Booster du Re emploi on the theme ‘3 levers to decarbonise real estate: Energy, mobility, materials.’ On this occasion, they shared the work carried out jointly to push the use of renewable energies in urban projects. The delegation of mayors and elected representatives, who accompanied us on this day, was able to attend the conference and listen to the projects designed by Kaufman & Broad in a desire to decarbonise cities.

Watch Bertrand Eyraud’s interview on the Smart Leaders progam: