Our residence « Le Pavillon Jaurès » certified by the Charter of the City of Saint Priest (69)

Expertise • 13 November 2023

At the beginning of October, the Pavillon Jaurès residence in Saint-Priest, one of the economic lungs of the Lyon metropolitan area, was awarded the city's first label since the implementation of its Charte pour un Aménagement et un Habitat Maitrisés. This label recognizes the work carried out in partnership with the city and the quality of our real estate program.

The mayor of Saint-Priest, Gilles Gascon, presented the certificate of certification for the Pavillon Jaurès residence to Philip Hyvernat, Regional Director of Kaufman & Broad. The residence, inaugurated in early October, is the 1st development to be awarded the label since the city implemented its charter two years ago. The charter, drawn up with real estate professionals, is a guide to improving the quality of life for residents by ensuring consistency in the construction of homes and the amenities and other features of their residences, all imbued with a strong environmental dimension.

Throughout the project, from the submission of the building permit to the inauguration, discussions were held with the city to study the quality of the projects proposed with a view to obtaining the label. At the time of implementation, if any aspect of the building permit could not technically be achieved, a counter-proposal was made by the developer and then studied by the city before implementation.
The mayor of Saint-Priest, who is very involved in the development of his town, regularly visits real estate projects under construction, and willingly agrees to preside over deliveries.

The residence, designed by Monalisa and built by Architecture Montchat, comprises 40 apartments (T1 to T4) and 42 underground parking spaces.

The residence’s outdoor spaces were the main focus of the certification process, in particular the vegetation, with the preservation of a number of large existing trees, a beautiful planted area with vegetable patches and compost bins available to residents, not to mention bird nesting boxes to provide shelter for the species present.