The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Paris Ile de France entrusts Osae Partners and Kaufman & Broad with its headquarters in the 8th arrondissement

Press release • Publié le 20 January 2023

The consortium formed by Osae Partners and Kaufman & Broad was named winner of a consultation launched by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile de France (CCI) for the signature of an emphyteutic lease and the restructuring of its historic headquarters.

Built by Count Potocki at the end of the 19th century, the private hotel on Avenue de Friedland, in the heart of the Golden Triangle, was transformed into prestige offices in 1922 by the CCI to accommodate its headquarters. With an area of 13,500 sqm and a private park of 3,200 sq.m, the property complex has been partially classified as a historic monument since 1991.

The restructuring of the Potocki Hotel, designed by the Kaufman & Broad teams, offers offices adapted to new ways of working and offers high end services for future users in order to achieve optimised environmental performance. The special feature of this project is to preserve and enhance the architectural heritage of the building while integrating a contemporary design.

Throughout the Osae Partners project will act as an investor, and Kaufman & Broad as a real estate developer. The two companies will be supported by architecture agencies H2O and Eugène, specialised in historical monuments. Structured in the form of an emphyteutic lease for a period of 80 years, this innovative real estate arrangement illustrates Osae Partners’ ability to adapt to these new forms of asset ownership.