Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of 4 May 2023

Finance • 22 May 2023

On Thursday, May 4, the Shareholders' Meeting of Kaufman & Broad.SA was held in Courbevoie, at the Group's new head office, under the chairmanship of Nordine Hachemi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaufman & Broad, and Bruno Coche, Chief Financial Officer.

Return to housing business in 2022

Bruno Coche began by looking ahead to the Group’s 2022 results, particularly for the housing business, by explaining in the current economic context the challenges facing the Group in the coming months:

  • To Continue to promote quality housing for all
  • To meet the growing housing needs linked to demographic social factors (longer life expectancy, uncohabitation, etc.).

Major projects

Nordine Hachemi then highlighted some emblematic projects to highlight and promote the company’s expertise to the shareholders in attendance: the rehabilitation of the former industrial wasteland of Magasins Généraux in Reims, a new 27,000 sq.m. commercial real estate complex in Marseille, and the major renovation project for the Austerlitz station district in Paris.


Kaufman & Broad wins numerous awards

It was recalled that the group had been distinguished on numerous occasions during 2022. Labels and certifications that highlight and reward the Group’s management, CSR strategy and financial management, as well as quality of life at work.


Results in line with expectations

To conclude his speech, Bruno Coche presented to the shareholders the financial results for 2022 and those for the first quarter of 2023:

  • Sales increased at the end of February 2023, bringing margins on average in previous years.
  • First quarter financial results in line with expectations

A headquarters that illustrates the Group’s CSR commitments

The Shareholders’ Meeting was a great opportunity for Nordine Hachemi and Bruno Coche to present Kaufman & Broad’s new headquarters to the group’s shareholders who came specially for the occasion. The former headquarters of Canon, rehabilitated by the group to accommodate its teams in the Paris region, now comprises 24,000 m2 of office space, three restaurant areas including a brasserie, an auditorium and a client suite, a fitness room and a 216 bedroom hotel residence.

The renovation of this building has cut the Group’s CO2 emissions by a factor of eight, demonstrating that ecological issues are at the heart of our priorities.